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#169 CEIBS MBA Program & Admissions Interview with James Kent

“We’re not a Chinese University as a lot of people think we are. We’re actually one of the longest standing joint ventures between the Chinese government and the European Union to create this business school. We have a motto ‘China Depth, Global Breadth’ that informs every level of strategic decisions that the school makes to make sure the students get a deeper experience in China and a broader skill set that can help them become global business professionals.”

James Kent, Marketing Manager for the MBA Admissions & Marketing Team at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), discusses what makes the CEIBS MBA unique, the school’s admissions process, career opportunities and more.

Program Highlights (3:00) | Admissions (23:40) | Scholarships & Covid-19 (39:40) | Careers (49:30)

About Our Guest

James Kent is the Marketing Manager for the MBA Admissions & Marketing Team at CEIBS. James got his Bachelors in Chinese and Management from Sheffield University and has worked in recruitment and marketing for 10 years.

What is unique about the CEIBS MBA? What are its key advantages?

  • China’s top-ranked MBA lasts 18 months and focuses on “China Depth, Global Breadth”
  • CEIBS was co-founded in 1994 by the Chinese Government and the European Union, and has campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Accra and Zurich
  • CEIBS is looking for proactive candidates with a pioneering spirit
  • Mentoring program matches each MBA student with a CEIBS EMBA alumni
  • CEIBS 70 faculty members are 1/3 from China, 1/3 from the US and 1/3 from Europe, many of whom consult for MNCs and Chinese Companies in China
  • CEIBS has three coordinated degrees options as well: CEIBS-Fletcher (Law & Diplomacy), CEIBS-Cornell (Hospitality), CEIBS-Johns Hopkins (Public Health)
  • The CEIBS MBA was ranked the 5th worldwide by Financial Times (2020)

Touch MBA’s CEIBS MBA Fast Facts

last updated September 2020

Program Highlights (3:00)

  • 1 intake/year in August
  • Length: 18 months, but can be completed in 12 months if necessary
  • ~180 participants/intake
  • 20-25 nationalities/intake, 35-40% international students, 40% female
  • Program structure: 13 core courses, 1 Integrated China Strategy Project, then students can choose from 6 overseas electives and 40 electives at CEIBS; thematically, the first third of program is focused on academics, second third on experiential learning and final third on your career search
  • CEIBS students can exchange at 40 business schools worldwide
  • Rankings: #5 Financial Times 2020, NR Economist 2019
  • Accredited by AACSB and EQUIS

Admissions (23:40)

  • 4 rounds of deadlines from October to April
  • Avg GMAT: 681, GMAT, GRE or CEIBS admissions test accepted
  • Avg age: 29-30, Avg work experience: 5.5, 2 years of work experience required
  • 2 recommendations required
  • No TOEFL or IELTS required; the CEIBS admissions team uses GMAT and GRE as an indicator and screens English proficiency themselves
  • Interviews last 40 minutes and are conducted by a professor and senior program staff member

Financing & Scholarships (39:40)

  • Full-time MBA Tuition: 438,000 CNY
  • Merit-based scholarships available up to 40% of tuition, awarded for gender, industry, function and geographic diversity

Careers (49:30)

  • Full-time placement report? Yes (below statistics are for Class of 2019)
  • 94% of graduates employed within 3 months
  • Salary: Average is 450,000 RMB (avg 100,000 RMB bonus)
  • Top Industry Placements: 23% Technology, 22% Financial Services, 13% Healthcare, 12% Manufacturing
  • Top Function Placements: 26% General Management, 25% Finance, 21% Marketing & Sales, 16% Consulting
  • 56% of international students stayed in China for work, 25% in Asia
  • Top Geographic Placements: 86% China, 11% Asia Pacific, 3% Europe and America
  • 22,000 CEIBS alumni with 48 alumni chapters in China and 17 alumni chapters worldwide
  • Student visa lasts 2 years, so after the 18-month program graduates have 6 months to find a job

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