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#194 Building a Professional MBA Network with Nicolle Lee, Wharton MBA ’22

“I think it’s a wonderful life philosophy to build community wherever you are.”

Nicolle Lee, Wharton MBA ’22, shares how building relationships helped her reach her MBA goals – including breaking into the real estate industry. After listening to this episode, you’ll have a detailed and instructive case study of what’s required to make a career pivot at a world-class business school.


  • Introducing Nicolle (0:00)
  • Nicolle’s Wharton MBA application & interview strategy (4:00)
  • How Nicolle pursued her real estate career goals at Wharton (18:10)
  • Real estate case competitions and student clubs (25:25)
  • How Nicolle secured her real estate internship – and then job – at Morgan Stanley (32:20)
  • Nicolle’s second year at Wharton + conducting hundreds of coffee chats (44:00)
  • Wharton’s culture and resources for social impact & women empowerment (50:15)
  • Nicolle’s last thoughts on making the best MBA investment (55:25)

About Nicolle

Nicolle Lee is a second year MBA at Wharton majoring in Real Estate and Finance. After graduating from Columbia University with a Bachelors in Financial Economics, she worked at Banc of California and then Voya Financial doing venture capital, strategy and business development. After graduating from Wharton, Nicolle will work for Morgan Stanley’s Real Estate Investment Banking group in New York.

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