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#150 Behind the Scenes of an MBA Employment Report

Susan Bertulli, Director, MBA Career Management at Ivey Business School at Western University

“This year we had 86% of graduates telling us their salaries. The industry standard is about 75%. We try to report anything over 80%. This 86% means that we’re not making up salaries here… We show the full range of salaries, from $45,000 CAD to $250,000 CAD, because we want to show what these ranges are and that we are placing students across different industries.”

Darren invites Susan Bertulli, Director, MBA Career Management at Ivey Business School at Western University to discuss MBA employment reports. First, why and how are MBA employment reports produced? Then, what should you look for? Which employment figures and statistics matter? How can you use them to shortlist b-schools and plan your career?

The Ivey MBA has been ranked #1 in Canada for five years running by Bloomberg Businessweek for both student and recruiter satisfaction, so don’t miss this inside look into how a top MBA career services team produces their employment report.


  • Susan’s background (5:00)
  • The role of MBA career services (6:55)
  • The challenges of MBA career management in a 1-year MBA program (9:12)
  • What applicants should look for from MBA career management teams (12:16)
  • The context surrounding MBA employment reports (14:30)
  • The challenges of producing an annual employment report (18:00)
  • Key figures for applicants to focus on (20:43)
  • How applicants can approach career services with employment statistics questions (26:15)
  • Does a business school’s size affect diversity of industry recruiters? (30:17)
  • Understanding a school’s list of recruiting firms (34:00)
  • How should applicants use employment reports to shortlist b-schools (39:40)
  • How applicants can show employability in MBA interviews (42:30)
  • MBA Career services: expectations vs reality (44:47)
  • Actions of students & alumni that succeed in their career search (48:00)
  • Have employers’ criteria changed for MBAs? (50:20)
  • Susan’s recommended resources for career planning (53:05)

About our Guest

Susan Bertulli is Director, MBA Career Management at Ivey Business School at Western University, where she manages student engagement in career planning, from admissions through to job employment. Over her 10+ years with Ivey, MBAs have achieved 90% placement with over 90% of the students reporting on their success. Susan also serves on several boards including the Dorchester Minor Hockey Association and St. Peter’s Anglican Church.

Show Notes


Two thoughts on “#150 Behind the Scenes of an MBA Employment Report

  1. This was really helpful. thanks Darren and Susan 🙂

    Darren, I have a suggestion for a podcast – ‘Behind the scenes of an interview’
    Could you shine a light on what happens after a student/alumni led interview. How are the interviewers selected? How is the feedback conveyed back to the AdCom (Is there a structured form that looks at certain buckets for example)? Are the interviewers expected to question certain broad themes or is it a free reign?


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