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#200 The 3S’s of Scintillating Storytelling

“A well-crafted story helps create a magical sort of clarity. It can illuminate an experience your audience could not have fathomed a few minutes before, or draw them so close that they imagine they can feel your heart beating.” – How to Tell a Story by The Moth

Compelling stories make admissions officers feel closer to you – like they know you better.

Inspired by How to Tell a Story by The Moth, Darren highlights three tools you can use immediately to improve your stories, so you can show adcoms who you really are and draw them closer to you. Darren also shares over a dozen questions that will help you identify riveting stories for your MBA application.

“When you choose to share a story, you share a piece of yourself. Stories explain your heart, decode your history, decipher who you are.” – How to Tell a Story by The Moth


  • A Story about Touch MBA (0:00)
  • The Moth (4:40)
  • Shift (6:50)
  • Scenes (9:20)
  • Stakes (13:20)
  • Applying the 3S’s to Your MBA Application (16:20)

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