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#22 “London Experience, World Impact” – London Business School (LBS) MBA Admissions Q&A with Ms. Nadia Ahrazem


“There’s a real collaborative nature here at the school. It’s very much a family atmosphere. People really do step out of their way to help each other out. Not just as friends but on a professional level to really help each other be successful in the job market both during their MBA and after graduation.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Nadia Ahrazem, MBA Recruitment and Admissions Manager for London Business School, this week. Sure, we all know LBS is perennially ranked as one of Europe’s and the world’s top 5 MBA programs. But what is the LBS MBA really all about?

3 things stood out from our conversation: LBS’ international experience, its flexibility, and most interestingly, its collaborative “family” atmosphere.

International experience: LBS has over 60 nationalities per class, campuses in London and Dubai, and over 30,000 alumni around the world. The program recently revamped its curriculum so that all second years participate in week-long, faculty-led “global business experiences” in 5 different cities around the world. Over 40% of 2nd year students exchange at another business school. And London, as one of the world’s financial capitals and a gateway to Europe, is a great place to study business. The LBS campus is just 20 minutes from The Square Mile, London’s CBD.

Flexible: LBS students have the option of completing their MBA in 15, 18 or 21 months, depending on their career goals. Not surprisingly, most students opt for the 21 month option.

Family atmosphere: LBS has a non-grade disclosure policy, meaning the school does not disclose grades to corporate recruiters or classmates. Every Thursday night, the LBS community – students, staff and faculty – meet for Sundowners (free beer!). And recruiters often describe alumni as “nice:” genuine people great at building relationships.

Nadia also shares many useful tips on how applicants can improve their chances of admissions and scholarship success. After listening to our conversation, I think you’ll have a much better feel for the “heart and soul” of LBS.

The LBS MBA in 3 words: rigorous, introspective, fun.

Listen on for the insider’s scoop…

LBS 150

Touch MBA LBS MBA Essentials

Program Highlights (2:54)

  • London Business School founded in 1964, MBA program began in 1966 (degree was changed to “MBA” in 1987)
  • 1 intake/year in August
  • Length: 15, 18 or 21 months
  • Campus in London, United Kingdom, where 75% of Fortune 500 companies are located
  • 400 participants/intake (3,000 applications)
  • ~60-65 nationalities/intake, class is ~90% international
  • 150+ faculty from more than 30 countries
  • Partnership with 33 international exchange schools
  • Students required to achieve competency in second language by graduation
  • Rankings: #4 Financial Times 2013, #12 Economist 2012, #1 Bloomberg Businessweek for Int’l Schools
  • #1 ranked for aims achieved, #4 ranked for alumni recommended by Financial Times 2013
  • Accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA

Admissions (14:19)

  • Deadlines (for 2013 intake)
  • Round 1: Oct 4 (Dec 13)
  • Round 2: Jan 3 (Mar 28)
  • Round 3: Feb 28 (May 16)
  • Round 4: Apr 17 (Jun 28)
  • Apply earlier as more seats and scholarships are available in Rd 1, 2 and 3.
  • Int’l students encouraged to apply by Rd 3 for visa reasons
  • Avg GMAT: 698 (640-780), Avg GPA: 3.34
  • Avg age: 29 (23-37), Avg work experience: 5.5 (2-15), min 2 years work experience requirement
  • Min TOEFL: n/a, IELTS: n/a
  • Interviews done by LBS alumni around the world
  • Looking for candidates who are experienced, intellectually capable, determined and ambitious, culturally aware, and have leadership potential

Financing (26:55)

  • Full-time MBA Tuition: £61,400, roughly $92,500 USD
  • 20% of participants awarded scholarships
  • Scholarships are merit-based, all applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. LBS also awards need-based scholarships.
  • LBS students can apply for loans through Prodigy Finance

Career (30:54)

  • London Business School MBA – Full-time placement report
  • 92% of graduates had jobs within 3 months of graduation
  • Top 5 regions graduates work in: UK (47%), Europe (18%), Asia (11%), North America (9%), Latin America (7%)
  • Top 5 employers: McKinsey (36), BCG (31), Citi (12), Deutsche Bank (11), Bain (11)
  • 34,000 alumni from 120+ countries worldwide
  • Student visa allows students to stay in UK for 4 months after graduation. Students can apply for Tier 2 visa which allows them to stay in UK for 3 years. (both subject to change)

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