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#18 “Be a leader of consequence” – Duke MBA Admissions Q&A with Ms. Megan Overbay

Megan Overbay

“This is a school that’s incredibly innovative and is constantly figuring out how to better itself. For me it’s very important to be a part of a school that’s going places and doesn’t rest on its laurels.”

Looking to get an MBA from a top school in the US but want an international MBA experience?

Ms. Megan Overbay, Director of Admissions, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, joined the show to share more about the Duke Daytime MBA (22 months), located in Durham, North Carolina, and Cross Continent MBA (16 months), where participants have residential sessions in Durham, Shanghai, New Delhi, Dubai, and St. Petersburg. These locations are part of Duke’s global initiative to be connected to all the major market defining economies of the world.

The school’s faculty has been ranked #1 for intellectual capital by Bloomberg Businessweek 3 consecutive times. Daytime MBA students complete their core classes in their first Fall term and pick courses the rest of the way. International students comprise 40% of the Daytime class and can also apply for loans directly through Duke.

The business school seeks “leaders of consequence:” smart and skilled candidates with strong characters and a sense of purpose. Duke places a premium on connecting and giving back to Fuqua and one’s larger community; 80% of jobs found last year by graduates were Fuqua facilitated.

Megan and I had a great discussion on many of the programs’ finer points which should give you a good feel for the school. Listen on for much more…

The Duke Fuqua MBA in 3 words: transformative, immersive, consequential.

Duke MBA 150

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Program Highlights (1:18)

  • The Duke MBA – Daytime 
  • Fuqua (pronounced “Few-Kwa”) School of Business founded in 1970
  • 22 months, 1 intake/year in July
  • Campus in Durham, North Carolina, part of famous Research Triangle
  • 430 participants/intake
  • 65 nationalities/intake, class is 40% int’l
  • Rankings: #15 Financial Times 2013, #11 US News 2014
  • Accredited by AACSB
  • All but one core classes are taken in Fall term
  • No. 1 ranked faculty worldwide by Bloomberg Businessweek for intellectual capital
  • The Duke MBA – Cross Continent
  • Launched in 2000
  • 16 months, 1 intake/year in Aug
  • 10-14 day residential segments in Durham, Shanghai, Dubai, New Delhi and St. Petersburg followed by 7-10 weeks of distance learning from home
  • 120-160 participants/intake
  • 25 nationalities/intake
  • Intended for working professionals

Admissions (25:58)

  • The Duke MBA – Daytime 
  • 4 deadlines: Sep (early action), Oct, Jan, March
  • Int’l students and scholarship seekers encouraged to apply in first 3 rounds
  • GMAT: 80% of class scored 640-750
  • Avg age: 29, Avg work experience: 5.4
  • Interviews done by students and alumni
  • Looking for “leaders of consequence:” smart, confident, strong character, sense of purpose and desire to make impact in world
  • The Duke MBA – Cross Continent
  • 6 deadlines: Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, May, Jun
  • GMAT: 80% of class scored 540-720
  • 3 years minimum work experience required

Financing (38:25)

  • Daytime MBA Tuition: $55,300/year, $110,600 total
  • 25-33% of participants awarded scholarships
  • Scholarship amounts range from $5K – Full Tuition, and are merit-based
  • Int’l students can apply for loans through Duke’s Coastal Federal Credit Union (no cosigners required)
  • Cross Continent Tuition: $129,900

Career (41:53)

  • Duke MBA – Daytime placement statistics
  • 80-85% of graduates work in US, 15-20% work outside the US
  • 18,000 alumni, with development offices in China, India, Russia, UAE, UK, South Africa
  • Last year’s graduates found jobs in 20+ countries
  • 80% of jobs found were Fuqua facilitated
  • Daytime students can stay in the US for up to 1 year under

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