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#196 How I Got Into UC Berkeley Haas MBA (and HBS, Wharton, UCLA too!) & Breaking into Product Management with Bridget Pujals

Bridget Pujals shares lessons learned from her MBA application journey, culminating in admits to Harvard, Wharton ($70K scholarship), UCLA Anderson ($100K scholarship), and Berkeley Haas ($175K scholarship).

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#195 Business School Selection Simplified: How to Shortlist MBA Programs You’re Excited About AND Competitive At

How to Choose the Right MBA Programs for You

What if you could figure out MBA programs you’re excited about AND competitive at, that would be a great investment in your future? And do this with the least time and effort?

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#194 Building a Professional MBA Network with Nicolle Lee, Wharton MBA ’22

Nicolle Lee, Wharton MBA ’22, shares how building relationships helped her reach her MBA goals – including breaking into the real estate industry.

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#193 Hiring Trends & Salaries for Business School Graduates from GMAC’s Corporate Recruiters Survey

What are corporate recruiters looking for from business graduate students? And how do median MBA salaries compare to those of specialized business masters programs? Darren shares 3 interesting findings from GMAC’s Corporate Recruiters Survey. This way, you can think more like an admissions officer, and put forward your strongest application.

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#192 MBA Coffee Chats: Thoughtful Advice on How to Get the Most Out of Your MBA with Adam Putterman, Kellogg MMM ’19

How can you make the most of your MBA experience? Adam Putterman, co-author of MBA Coffee Chats, shares why coffee chats are essential and key lessons learned from hundreds of successful MBAs.

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#191 Inside Harvard Business School – An Introvert’s Experience with Graciela Brewer, HBS MBA ’22

As a UX Designer and mother in Kansas City with no MBA network, Graciela Brewer wasn’t sure if she “had a sliver of a chance” at her targets: HBS, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern and Cornell Tech. Four months later, she got into all four programs. In this episode, Grace shares how she shortlisted schools, submitted her strongest resume, essays, and recommendations, and stayed sane during a stressful application process.

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Our Favorite MBA Application Tools

After 10 years advising over 3,500 MBA applicants, we recommend the following providers for GMAT prep, admissions consulting, student loans, and more.

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