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Here’s what applicants from over 40 countries are saying:
“Thank you for all of your suggestions and tips. It really opened my mind.” – Dalila, Indonesia
“Thank you so much for your information. It really helped me to know exactly where I am and what I need to do.” – Phong, Vietnam
“Thank you very much for evaluating my profile and for your quick response! Your recommendations are well received and I will incorporate them into my applications if I haven’t already.” – Sirin, Thailand
“Your reply is really insightful and helpful.” – Hung, Vietnam
“Thank you for your help. It has been very, very helpful.” – Mark, Philippines
“Greatly appreciate the help, will revise my resume based on your recommendations.” – Jacqueline, Singapore
“Your review was great, it helped me realize mistakes and weaknesses that I have to amend before applying.” – Jose, Spain
“This is a great service. I appreciate your time and effort in helping me define my path more clearly.” – Nathan, USA
“I have talked to HEC, IE and IESE, and will probably apply to all of them.” – Marko, Serbia
“Thank you so much for your advice.” – Jeonghyeon, South Korea
“Thank you so much for the detailed analysis of my profile. I loved it! I look forward to the interaction with admission officers.” – Buddharatn, India
“Thank you very much for this first assessment, this is very helpful and I appreciate it very much.” – Jose, Mexico
“Thank you for the quick and professional reply… I appreciate your feedback.” -Jaco, South Africa
“Thank you for reviewing my profile and giving me those wonderful tips” – Xabier, Venezuela
“Thanks a lot! I’ve been in touch with the admissions team at NUS and learnt a lot more about their program.” – Sara, Singapore
“Thanks for facilitating these connections!” – Matt, USA
“Thank you so much for your feedback (and your informative podcast)! I’m not sure how many people take advantage of this service, but I found it extremely helpful. I’m now considering IESE, and they weren’t even on my radar before your recommendation.” -Eddy, USA
“Thank you very much for the detailed evaluation of my profile! I did get some great insights from you and must say that you guys at are doing a wonderful job. You truly are differentiators from the rest!” – Deepak, India
“Thanks for your clear and honest feedback so far.” – John, Germany

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